After a Whirlwind time in South Africa, I’m back in Kansas City at the YWAM base.

 It’s been so refreshing to see my community again and experience the BODY of CHRIST in it’s FULNESS with like minded
laid down lover’s of Jesus:)
I spend all day in the IHOP PRAYER ROOM today just soaking in HIS PRESSENSE and taking time to be filled with gratefulness
and Thankfulness for the RICH 2 years i’ve been privilege to run with Fiery, Passionate & Compassionate disciples.  I’ve realized
that even though this has been a time of pouring into the younger generation, its also been a extreme time of pruning, refining
and being discipled by GOD  myself!  Praise HIM for for the promise that HE will finish what HE started within us.
 We  proudly hosted our first “MISSIONAL WOMAN’S CONFERENCE” this was such a huge success and I am excited to see this conference grow.
Our CHINESE Leaders arrived and the English and Korean DTS  also started on the 26th September!  I have been in
New York for a week getting trained in “MARRIAGE COUNSELING” it was AMAZING and I am so excited about this and can’t wait to share what i’ve learned and apply  it to couples. I can truly start seeing
GOD’s HAND and FAITHFULNESS towards my desires and destiny and future…
Thank you for each and everyone’s support & prayers in this season, without you it would not be possible, together we are
co-laboring in the KINGDOM and preparing for HIS return!!!
Please continue to ask to Lord to partner with me financially so that i can continue to do the work that HE has called US for.
First National Bank
Check Account: 54331157353
Branch code: 200407
You are in my PRAYERS